The Brand

All marine kayakers have a special relationship with their kayak which they call “boat”. Sea-kayaks are vessels with which one can travel, explore and fish from; in fact, these boats are more similar to working tools than to leisure devices.
People who use kayaks at sea respect and care about the environment they have chosen to silently move in, travelling in a vessel that has hardly any impact on the environment, just like the fishermen from long-ago, aboard their skiffs or colourful dories, propelled by sail or oars.
Those boats were decorated with apotropaic designs which were considered good omens for sailors: stylised eyes were often painted on the bow, looking out at sea and, according to popular belief, would lead the boat along the right route.
We chose this specific design for our brand hoping it will be a good omen for all those people who navigate - or will navigate in the future - in our kayaks, keeping them on the right route.