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Compact sea kayak, suitable for transportation and storange. Ideal for medium-weight kayakers looking for a flexible boat which will respond immediately to manoeuvre, without having to give up terrific navigation performance. This kayak easily cuts through wind, and has great stability even in choppy waters. The comfortableness and the conformation of both the seat and the well-deck have been lengthily studied to guarantee great comfort in the right position.



Technical specifications    
Length: 486 cm
Width: 54 cm
Front hatch volume: 38 lt
Back hatch volume: 60 lt
Cockpit volume: 138 lt
Total volume: 236 lt
Cockpit size: 72,5 x 40,5 cm
Weight: 24-25 kg
Building material: Diolene

Price (without VAT): € 1.550,00
  Step Anatomic well-deck

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